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  • Property Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Property marketing, rental and sales
  • Tenant, screening and selection to ensure only credible tenants
  • Lease Administration
  • Building Operation and Maintenance (Hard Services)
  • Soft services ( Security, Cleaning and Waste Management, Pest Control)
  • Property Accounting and Financial services
  • Contract and Purchasing Management
  • Move and Relocation Management
  • Project Management and Property Investment Advisory Services
  • Feasibility and Viability Studies
  • Appraisals and Comparative Market Analysis (CMA’s)
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Building Operation and Maintenance

  • Operate building to maximize space and economic life of building structures and systems.
  • Plan and implement preventive and reactive maintenance programmes for all building systems and structure (Electro Mechanical, Plumbing, Civil, Security, Safety etc).
  • Plan and implement preventive and reactive maintenance programmes for all other assets as required.
  • Routine management of Grounds and Exteriors (Landscape, pavements and driveway maintenance)

Soft services
  • Plan and implement all building soft services such as:
  • Security
  • Cleaning
  • Waste management
  • Pest control
  • Signage
  • Logistics etc

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Administration and Tenant Services

  • Liaison with various Government Authorities.
  • Tenants liaison services.
  • Preparation and monitoring of the fit-out requirements.
  • Work request processing and follow up.
  • Administration of common area services
  • Handling of all utility bills
  • Asset inventory and record keeping.
  • Contract and purchasing management.
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Building Administration

  • Receive, prioritise, arrange and track work orders from start to completion.
  • Receive and handle tenants complaints
  • Maintain a full inventory of furniture, fixture and equipment to include labeling and coding, as well as all technical specifications each item.
  • Prepare financial statements, accounts receivable/payable, issue and receive checks,
  • prepare invoices and all other administrative tasks in relation to the property.

Contract and Purchasing Management
  • Negotiate contract service agreements
  • Track and evaluate performance of contractors
  • Source suppliers and implement purchase orders, obtaining best prices and payment for our client.
  • Plan and supervise renovation and restoration of all categories of improvement projects for clients.

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  • We carry out some brokerage services in all our client/management properties. We equally engage the services of our brokerage division and other brokerage firm where necessary in further carrying out these services for easiest and fastest coverage.



  • In our management, leasing/letting or sales of acquired properties the following marketing strategies among others are being used for effective marketing in other to reduce void or low turnover to our client investment through advertisement on the various national dailies, website, use of bill boards, flyers and direct reach out to some of our existing client base etc.

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Move and Relocation Management

  • Plan and implement movements or relocations for companies and individuals, in a stress- free manner, insuring that the schedules of such companies or individuals are minimally affected.

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Project Management and Investment Advisory Services

  • We also undertake studies to advice our clients on the following:

Feasibility and Viability Studies

  • We undertake research and studies to determine and advise our clients whether a project is practical and if so, how profitable it will be.

Appraisal and Comparative Market Analysis

  • We undertake property valuation and appraisals to determine both capital and rental values for various purposes and rental values of existing properties for various purposes such as – Insurance, sale/ purchase, short/long term leases, mergers/acquisitions, compensation and forced sale etc.

General real estate market trends in Qatar

  • We also provide general advisory services to our clients on Property, facilities and Project Management issues in Qatar.
  • The combined impact of all these management systems, when properly integrated into property/ facilities operations is proven to boost profitability, reduce tenants’ turnover, plant breakdown and also enhance the overall return on investment. Please contact the undersigned for a detailed Property/Facilities Audit and preparation of a Comprehensive Properties/Facilities Management Plan tailor made for you.